Feature documentary, in development.

Director: Demelza Kooij
Writers: Demelza Kooij and Felix Dufour Laferrière
Producers: Lucie Tremblay (Lowik Media), Anita Norfolk (Mosaic Films)

Tumbling Wolfskin is a story of our relationship with dogs from wolf to videogame

Starting with wolves - the early ancestor of dogs, Tumbling Wolfskin presents an intimate journey to locations where technology is intersecting and shaping human-dog interaction. We see how television, films, Skype, and scientific studies transform our understanding of this animal and the anthropocentric sentiments we project unto this creature. We move from great outdoor vistas to increasingly confined spaces and culminate in a space without physical existence: a magnificent virtual world. In doing so, the film traces a path from wilderness to virtuality. What were once wild wolves are now pixels on a computer screen.

By portraying dogs as living beings as well as man-made creations with a particular functionality, the film provides a commentary on human engagement with technology. It shows that inventions have always been a part of the human condition: whether it be animals made of flesh and blood, or dogs made of aluminium, plastic, and coding language. The film and its audiovisual language play with the questions: what is natural and what is artificial (e.g. what is a dog, what is a wolf, and what is a human being), what constitutes technology and how can we make it visible in film using image and sound, and how do we with our human bodies relate to various forms of technology?