Set within the stark Icelandic landscape, Out of Thin Air examines the 1976 police investigation into the disappearanceof two men in the early 1970s. Iceland in the 1970s  was a idyll; a farming community, pretty much cut off from the much of the rest of the world. Crime was rare, murder rarer still. Then two men disappear under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected. The country demands a resolution. Police launch the biggest criminal investigation Iceland has ever seen. Finally, six people confess to two violent murders and are sent to prison. It seems the nightmare is over. But in many ways the nightmare has just begun….

Director: Dylan Howitt
Producer: Andy Glynne
Co-Producer: Margrét Jónasdottir
Development Producer: Anita Norfolk
Film Editor: Miikka Leskinen
Director of Photography: Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
Music: Ólafur Arnalds
Assistant Producer: Ant Adeane
Line Producer: Clare Lucas

Mosaic Films & Sagafilms Production for BBC Storyville, Netflix and RUV

What makes Out of Thin Air compulsively watchable throughout is its unique style. Blending Errol Morris indebted fictional recreations of events, archival footage, and present day interviews, Out of Thin Air also unfolds in a relaxed, almost austere manner. Few films can blend slow cinema techniques with established documentary conventions
Toronto Film Scene

FINANCIAL TIMES: 'A tautly constructed documentary that combines all the thrills of Scandi noir with the frisson of reality'. ✮✮✮✮✮
SUNDAY TIMES Critic's Choice: 'A dreamy, drug laced story of a youthquake in volcano country'.
THE TIMES: 'Fascinating...full of twists and turns'.
RADIO TIMES: 'Superbly done...Recommended'.
INDEPENDENT: 'Straight out of Scandi-noir'.
DAILY MAIL: 'A riveting real life story'. ✮✮✮✮
MAIL ON SUNDAY: 'We're used to European crime dramas, but here the chilling story is all too real'.
THE GUARDIAN: 'The first hand especially harrowing'.
DAILY TELEGRAPH: 'Gripping true crime documentary'.
OBSERVER: 'Masterful'