Directed and produced a documentary short 'London Now London Future' to accompany the Museum of London's first ever year long season - the 'City Now City Future' exhibition. The film examines how London has become a world city, the factors that are pushing London to be unsustainable, and the initiatives in place to combat the negative effects of urbanisation. It is a look at London past, present and future - and blends filmed scenes, motion graphics and cut-out animation using stills from the Museum's extensive archives.

Director and Producer: Anita Norfolk
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Salvador Maldonado
Camera: Stefano Nurra and Anita Norfolk
Sound Design: Alex Parsons
Assistant Editor: Federico Barni

Script Editor: Dan England
Researcher: Nafeesa Xec
Animation Assistant: Sacha Beeley
Narrator: Kate Kennedy
Sound Recordist: Ewan Dryburgh

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