Produced several animated segments for two episodes of NHK's 30' series ' Europe Meets Japan'.

Producer: Anita Norfolk
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Director of Animation: Salvador Maldonado
Animator: Federico Parodi
Design/Illustration work: Lilian Darmono


Europe meets Japan - Samurai chef in Paris

This program followed renowned Michelin chef Thierry Marx, one of France's masters of molecular Gastronomy and advocate of Japanese-French fusion food. We learn of his fascination with Japan, prompted by an accidental videwing of  [Hiroshi Inagaki’s] Miyamoto Musashi  at the age of 12. 

Mosaic provided animated illustrations in Sumi-e style. 


Europe meets Japan - Ukiyo-e: A Passion in Life

We get up close with European experts on Japanese culture. Timothy Clark, Head of the Japanese Section of the British Museum, shows us some new and little-known aspects of Japanese arts like ukiyo-e woodblocks, exploring similarities between the prints of Hokusai, Umatoro and the modern day comic book. 

Mosaic brought the artwork to life through cut-out animation.