An old Japanese village is on the brink of extinction. Can the nation’s sacred drink, saké, save it from disappearing?

Director: Megumi Inman
Producer: Andy Glynne
Development Producer: Anita Norfolk

In production.
Mosaic Films

Uyashinai, a 300-year-old Japanese rice farming village, is on the brink of extinction. The young have fled leaving the elders to protect their land. In 10 years there will be no one left. But this could all change because Uyashinai has caught the attention of Japan’s most popular sake maker, Yusuke.

Yusuke dreams of transforming Uyashinai into his own sake utopia. He wants to create a place where sake is at the heart of everything and made the way his ancestors did 200 years ago – using handcrafted techniques, local farmers and most importantly organic rice.

For the village this is their last chance to revive their ageing community. However not all are on board Yusuke’s radical plans.