There are two kinds of dreams. One is the impressions of our experiences, our hopes and fears. Things whose origin we can relate back to our everyday life. 

Then there are the dark figures. Those without any root in our private existence. Someone call these figures of our collective unconscious, a symbolic substratum shared by everyone. But what if these figures are fleeting images of a parallel world – real, tangible, concrete- of which we can only glimpse through our dreams? What if someone finds a way to open a passage door from our world?

Independent TV-pilot.

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Official Selection, SeriesFest, 2016

Winner, Best VfX, ITVFest, 2015

Official Selection Moondance Film Festival, 2015 

Official Selection Hoboken International Film Festival, 2014 



Starburst Review

Starburst Magazine


Lou James Bryce
Kate Rosie MacPherson
Shane Daniel Watson
Laura Zoe Hunter
Jangir Manjot Sumal
Noah Lawrence Douglas
Emma Keira Cameron
Edie Brooke Mitchell
Magnus Alan McLean
Benjamin Martin Haddow
Hugh Steven Hosey
Collins Mark Holloway
Derelict worker Tony Greengrass
Dave John Ritchie
Bradley Hugh Burgess
Kebab house employee Hristo Dobrovski
Arcanum Mother Carmen Capaldi
Weaver Magnus Sinding Holvold


Hospital Nurse Bethan Mitchell
Guy_02 (worker) Nazir Ali
Thomson John Reeve
Technician_02 Ruben San Roman Gomez
The old key Jo Pelowski
CrossCom employees Cameron Smart, Thom Laycock, Antony Forsyth
Kebab house customers Darren Hasan-Ali, Jason Patterson, Chris Thompson
People in the park Zoe Barclay, Olivia Errey, Kim White
Shane's workplace Shahan Uddin, Dave Clark
Awakeners Toria Whitehouse, Stephanie Grey, Mary Denise Hogan, Yasmeen Akhtar, Claudia Bachonen


Stefano Nurra & Fabio Paladini
Writer Fabio Paladini
Producer Anita Norfolk
Assistant Director Elisa Munafo
Art Director and Production Designer Wendy Cairns
Set Designer Jessie Giovane Staniland
SB Art Director Ruben San Roman Gomez
DOP Garry Torrance
Vfx Supervisor Michael Ercolano
2nd Assistant Director Toria Whitehouse
Gaffer Michael Ercolano
Assistant Camera Daniel Gil Fresnada, Pete Parker, Matthew O'Leary, Patricia Garcia Blasco, Nic Clark
Sound Recordist Bruno Glisbergh
Boom Op Francesco Iscaro
Production Assistants Cameron Smart and Alice McKinstrie
Character Concept Art Mark Boston
Costume Designers Ruth Kubyk and Sophie Barlow
UK Script Editor Chris Lindsay
Graphic Design Darren Hasan-Ali
Researcher Miriam Wendschoff
Casting Assistant Demelza Kooij
Set Dressers Miriam Wendschoff, Siobhan Hermitage, Dora Plat, Clare Flatley, Natalie Redford, Lisa Aahonen
Props Sourcers Angela Giancolo, Sophie Paterson, Emily Goodwin
Sound Design Damiano Marchese, Andrea Pace
VFX Massimo Pinna, Carlo Turri, Michael Ercolano
Music Composer Gianluca Gadau